The ESV Literary Study Bible

When I first discovered the English Standard Version of the Bible, I was really excited. What I saw was a sharply word-for-word translation, written with an eye for literary excellence and beauty.  Some time later I learned that this was no accident: the ESV team had taken great pains to ensure the literary quality of the ESV was as high as their committment to accuracy. And then, still later, I came across the ESV Literary Study Bible. And let me tell you, I’m impressed.

 Distinct passages are introduced with an explanation of the literary structure of the text and the considerations the reader might benefit from knowing regarding style, rhetoric, arrangement, etc. As I’ve been preaching through the book of Romans for a year now (at the time of this post) I’ve found a lot of help from this great little study Bible.

At the time, I couldn’t afford to purchase a hardcopy edition from our local bookstore. But I did find out that one can purchase a password to the ESV Literary Study Bible website at a much cheaper rate! Check it out.