If We Believe in Hell…

“…It’s very hard to give up on the Gospel if we believe in Hell…” ~ John Piper

Over the past month or two, I’ve had reason to think through why I believe Gospel-preaching ministry must take priority over benevolent ministry to the poor, sick or persecuted. A Christian can’t take the New Testament very seriously and believe that doing good to others is ever more urgent than proclaiming the Good News. But when challenged on this, especially by people who aren’t too passionate about evangelism, or who don’t have a high regard for preaching as the primary way God speaks to His gathered Church, I have felt the need to do a better job at giving a winsome and persuasive answer.

So this morning, when I read Greg Gilbert’s blog post over at 9marks.org, and then watched the video which he recommended, I was both challenged and helped. Here’s the video Greg commended (actually he mentioned audio, but video is better). It’s a conversation between Don Carson, John Piper and Tim Keller.