My Statement of Faith – Part 4

Today’s installment in the “My Statement of Faith” series concerns what theologians call, “the Fall”. Some have understood that as a “fall from Grace”. But I’m not quite comfortable with that phrase because of how some people will take that. In fact, the Fall is the occasion for God’s greatest demonstration of His grace: the sending of Christ, His righteous life and atoning death. When I think of the term, “the Fall,” I think of it in terms of mankind’s fall from innocence. Before Adam sinned there was no sin, no guilt. Through Adam’s sin humanity was entirely plunged into sin and guilt: the Fall. Without a proper understanding of the Fall, its scope and its consequences, the biblical fullness of the Gospel doesn’t make much sense. Only by understanding the Fall do we understand why God is angry with sin, why His wrath is just, why His love then required or necessitated the giving of His only Son to die, and why those who reject the Son utterly deserve damnation.

The Fall

I believe that Adam sinned against God, placing himself, his race and the creation over which he was the head, under God’s wrath and subject to the corruption of sin and the curse of death.
I believe, according to the Scriptures, that all of humanity in its very nature is, since the Fall, utterly sinful and guilty before God, deserving His condemnation and wrath. I believe that the whole of Creation has been contaminated by the sin of humanity and awaits its redemption following the resurrection of all believers.