Check Out the New English Standard Version (ESV) Online… and then use it!

Wheaton, IL (May 13, 2010)—Crossway is pleased to announce the new ESV Online. A key part of Crossway’s ESV Digital initiative, the ESV Online is a powerful and convenient tool giving access to the ESV Bible and other resources for understanding and applying God’s Word. (original source)

I’ve been using the beta version of the ESV Online for several weeks now and can’t begin to tell you how valuable it is. Even if you already use some sort of Bible software, like the Online Bible or BibleWorks or Logos, you will find this to be a convenient additional resource. Why? Yesterday I got my cup of coffee in the morning, opened my laptop and went to the ESV online site ( ) and did some devotional reading using one of the optional reading plans. Then I looked up some points of interest using the ESV Study Bible notes related to that passage and to some cross references. I clicked the option to have the passage read to me out loud (selecting Max McLean as the reader—I love the way he reads God’s Word!), then dragged one of three bookmarks over to the spot where I left off so that I can come back to it later. When I’m ready to do some more thinking and writing of my observations on that passage, I’ll type the notes into the “My Notes” tab and save my what I write so that I can use it for a future sermon or blog post. Here’s a screen shot: