My Statement of Faith – Part 5

This post is all about God’s sovereign will. I include it in my statement of faith because without it one might get the impression that God saw Adam’s Fall and the subsequent sin-ridden history of the human race and, wringing His hands in despair over the rebellion of His creatures, devised a plan to rescue the situation. That is not the God of the Bible. The Bible’s view of God (which is to say, the picture God has given us of Himself in the Bible) is of a sovereign God, ruling over every detail, according to the purpose of His will. The big question then is, “what is God’s ultimate purpose and will?” I’ve been persuaded by Scripture that God’s ultimate desire is His own glory. His own worth, displayed for all to enjoy, is a greater good than anything else. And since God cannot lie, cannot be deceived and cannot compromise Himself, all of His purposes lead toward displaying His own glory in the best possible way when the time is right. So here it is:

God’s Plan

I believe that from eternity God purposed the exaltation of His own glory through Creation, His plan for history, the sending of His Son and the redemption of a great number of people chosen by grace from all nations for salvation through Jesus Christ.