Update on the Ark discovery

This update was sent out by Creation Ministries International (CMI) regarding their investigation into the authenticity of what is being hailed as the discovery of the ruins of “Noah’s Ark”. The email included permission to share it and I’m including a link to the original web version here. If this is the first you’re hearing about this 2010 find, then please catch up on the news here: http://creation.com/is-it-noahs-ark . CMI is ensuring due diligence in establishing that this is not a hoax before attaching their organization’s name to any claim that this is indeed “Noah’s Ark” that has been found in Turkey. All believers should follow CMI’s example and wait until this thing is established beyond reasonable doubt before trumpeting this sensational news. A genuine discover of this magnitude will be very powerful as a tool for evangelism—much more powerful than an unfounded claim that sounds too good to be true. Here’s the update from CMI:


CMI in Hong Kong re ‘ark’ matter

Update to supporters: Dr Carl Wieland will be in Hong Kong as this email gets to you, to meet with the local team there (now called Noah’s Ark Ministries International or NAMI) who are making news about their announced discovery (complete with photos and video footage) on Mt Ararat of chambers lined with substantial amounts of wood, under ice and rock, and above the treeline, and above the permanent snowline.

If you missed our intermittently updated article on this (it’s added to at the bottom of the article as significant things occur—e.g. the 28 May addendum provided links to an Amsterdam conference with NAMI), then see creation.com/is-it-noahs-ark—also accessible from the front page, just under the ‘in the news’ box.

Via contacts in Hong Kong, there has been tentative talk of CMI being invited to attend a June forum (and press conference) in Turkey, along with various scientists and archeologists from the Turkish government. We respect NAMI’s passion for the gospel, which appears to have led them to more or less take a stance in public that this is the Ark, till proven otherwise (the same stance was taken in Amsterdam by the Turkish archeology academic). NAMI has provided answers to several aspects of earlier claims that a detailed hoax had been played on them. Despite this, however, nothing to date has definitely ruled out a hoax, with some talk now of wood from very old remote buildings having been hauled up there over many months and progressively planted in a cave.

We really appreciate this opportunity to spend private time face-to-face in depth, something very necessary before there could have been any consideration of making a commitment of personnel time/costs—and before lending the ministry’s name to the claim, directly or indirectly.  We will be seeking detailed answers to many specifics, with those who were there and took the pictures, etc. We believe that it is on the basis of such further intensive private enquiry that we can perform the appropriate ‘due diligence’ on behalf of our supporters. So we are very grateful to NAMI for granting time for CMI in their busy schedule. We are particularly appreciative because we understand that the hoax allegations are especially sensitive and painful issues for them. Carl reports that he has already spent a full day observing large numbers of secular people being exposed to very well-presented truths about not just the Ark and Flood, but about the person and work of the Lord Jesus, through the tireless efforts of the people behind NAMI.

Please pray about the outcome of the liaison in Hong Kong, for sensitivity and wisdom in all things, and that whatever the outcome of this Ararat situation, God will be glorified.



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