Recommended Resource: “The God Who Is There” series – by D. A. Carson

I’m not a fan of the Alpha Course. It does not give adequate weight to the whole message of Scripture, particularly on what the Bible has to say about why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is “good news”. (There’s more to say about Alpha, but that’s another blog post.) I am a fan of the Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored courses ( CE is a course for un-churched people introducing them to the Christian Faith by walking them through the Gospel of Mark—it lets the Bible present the Gospel. DE is a course for new or immature believers introducing them to the reality of living as a disciple of Jesus Christ by walking them through Paul’s letter to the Philippians—it lets new believers hear what the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to teach to the new believers in Philippi. I’m glad to be able to recommend another Bible-centred resource for introducing the un-churched to Christianity and for helping believers become grounded in their faith—it lets both sorts of people discover the whole story of the Bible so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ becomes very clear in its biblical setting. This new series, by biblical scholar Don Carson, is a real gift to pastors wanting to reach the lost and teach the found. Here’s an introduction from the Gospel Coalition Blog:

On February 20-21 and 27-28, 2009, Don Carson presented a 14-part seminar entitled “The God Who Is There” at Bethlehem Baptist Church’s North Campus in Minneapolis. This series will serve the church well because it simultaneously evangelizes non-Christians and edifies Christians by explaining the Bible’s storyline in a non-reductionistic way.

The series is geared toward “seekers” and articulates Christianity in a way that causes hearers either to reject or embrace the gospel. It’s one thing to know the Bible’s storyline, but it’s another to know one’s role in God’s ongoing story of redemption. “The God Who Is There” engages people at the worldview-level.

And now MP3s (full) and video (10-minute previews) are available for Carson’s 14-part series:

  1. The God Who Made Everything | MP3 | Video Preview
  2. The God Who Does Not Wipe Out Rebels | MP3 | Video Preview
  3. The God Who Writes His Own Agreements | MP3 | Video Preview
  4. The God Who Legislates | MP3 | Video Preview
  5. The God Who Reigns | MP3 | Video Preview
  6. The God Who Is Unfathomably Wise | MP3 | Video Preview
  7. The God Who Becomes a Human Being | MP3 | Video Preview
  8. The God Who Grants New Birth | MP3 | Video Preview
  9. The God Who Loves | MP3 | Video Preview
  10. The God Who Dies—and Lives Again | MP3 | Video Preview
  11. The God Who Declares the Guilty Just | MP3 | Video Preview
  12. The God Who Gathers and Transforms His People | MP3 | Video Preview
  13. The God Who Is Very Angry | MP3 | Video Preview
  14. The God Who Triumphs | MP3 | Video Preview


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