I Need More Than Ability and Will to Preach of An Able and Willing Saviour

I’m sitting here at midnight, Saturday night, praying with some desperation over my sermon manuscript, technically ready to preach it tomorrow morning, but nowhere near ready in my soul. But God just gave me a message—I think an angel might have been involved (at least, if not an angelos, I know it was an euangelistes—an “evangelist” for you non-Greek-Geeks). I saw this quote from Sinclair Ferguson and the simplicity of the preacher’s task snapped into clear focus once again. Every text of God’s Word practically screams with this living and vital message. As I prepare my soul to preach, and am about to lay my head to rest, there is no anointing oil like this Gospel which can make my heart burn with Holy Spirit unction. If you read this on a Saturday night, or any time your soul lacks what it needs to stand in that pulpit once more to announce Good News, I pray God gives you the anointing you need from His Spirit, for the proclamation of His Word, about His Son, to the Glory of the Father:


“The message of the gospel is this: God can forgive you, and He is willing to do so.”


– Sinclair B. Ferguson, By Grace Alone (Orlando, Fl.; Reformation Trust Publishing, 2010), 57. [src: http://firstimportance.org/2010/11/07/able-and-willing-to-forgive/]