"Ban-Uprooter", Man-Planter, "Church Planter"

Earlier this month, Desiring God Live interviewed Darrin Patrick, Pastor of The Journey Church in St. Louis and author of Church Planter. What a great interview it was! They’ve made the video and audio available and I’ve provided the links below as well as the embedded video of the interview.

Patrick’s book, Church Planter, is now on my Christmas wishlist (so if my Mom is reading this post, you know what you can get me for Christmas!). The interview is a great teaser for this book. I was blessed by Patrick’s clear and winsome explanation of the essential message of the Gospel, by his passion for helping Christians to live by the Gospel and remember it well several times a day, by his vision for turning “ben” (Boy/Men) into “men” with a challenge to live out Ephesians 5 well in the home and in the church, by his story of leading a Bible study that sparked a highschool revival which spread throughout the county, by his later experience of planting the Journey, and by his migration from an egalitarian view of gender in ministry to a complimentarian position (while researching and writing an essay in defense of egalitarianism!). Most of all, however, I was convicted by Patrick’s synthesis of the Puritans’ categories of sin, both the fruit of sin and most helpfully, the root idolatries which lie beneath the many sins in the Christian life. He nailed my particular idolatry and gave good analysis of the sin symptoms I struggle with, but didn’t stop there: he sensitively gave a challenge to let the Spirit lead me to deep repentance, to confront in my own heart the root idolatry and work at repentance there, using it to “double bounce” me to Jesus for grace and hope and power.

As he says in the interview, these themes make this book deeply relevant for all Christian men–it just so happens to come with a particular application for church planting pastors. But if you want to stop being a “ban” and learn to be a Christian “man”–or if you, like me, know that in reality you are somewhere between a “ban” (boy/man) and where you know you need to get to, you will appreciate this interview and this book.

Watch the video. Buy the book.
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