Famous Friends Friday?

Two of my friends had a very good day yesterday: they both received some well-deserved attention from famous people. This by itself is not what makes for a good day, but because both of these friends of mine are pastors with ministries that strive to make much of Jesus, I’m glad when their ministries get big-name attention! Attention-to-each-ministry = more-attention-to-Jesus.

The first of my friends to get big-name attention yesterday was Michael Krahn (@michaelkrahn on Twitter). The attention he got was from John Piper in a Twitter post at 7:42 a.m. (Piper is tweeting at 7:42 in the morning??) Here’s the tweet:

JohnPiperMar 17, 7:42am via HootSuite

Pretty close. http://dsr.gd/f0xV0X

That’s it: just two words. “Pretty close” and a link. Michael waded in on the whole Rob Bell controversy catching so much fire these days. His blog post gives some good insight into what Piper might have meant when he tweeted, “Farewell Rob Bell”. And it seems John Piper by-and-large agreed with Michael’s assessment. Nice going Michael! The above link in Piper’s tweet will take you to Krahn’s blog which Piper was responding to in his tweet. (Now I wonder if someone will write a blog about what John Piper meant when he tweeted, “Pretty close” in response to Michael Krahn’s blog?)

Michael is a pastor on staff at Aylmer EMMC (Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church) in Ontario. We met at an EMMC convention in Manitoba when I was pastoring a sister-EMMC church in Saskatchewan… in 2009 I think. He’s also a singer/song-writer and blogger. Check out his older blog, The Ascent to Truth, and check back often, at http://michaelkrahn.com/blog/ .

The second of my friends to get this big-name attention yesterday was Mark Myles (@markmyles on Twitter). And the attention he got was from church-planting guru, Ed Stetzer in a Twitter post at 2:57 p.m. Again, here’s the original tweet:

edstetzerMar 17, 2:57pm via HootSuite

New Post: Thursday Is for Thinkers: @markmyles on How Not to Fail at Church Planting. http://ow.ly/4gPKu

The above link will take you to the entry on Ed Stetzer’s blog at Lifeway where he featured a guest article written by Mark Myles. Mark is a church planter with the same denomination I am affiliated with, the Fellowship Baptist Pacific. He and his wife, Keely, live in Campbell River, central Vancouver Island, BC, where Mark pastors Converge Church. If you’re in the Campbell River area, looking for a good church, or are interested in supporting Converge Church financially or through prayer, visit Mark’s website for more info: http://about.me/markmyles 

So… that was Thursday. I wonder if anymore of my friends will become famous on Friday?

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