Odds and Ends

I had a good long sleep on Sunday night. After 10 days co-hosting a youth street missions team called Street Invaders (from the Apostolic Church of Pentecost denomination), and after preaching all three services at Gateway on Sunday, I could barely hold two thoughts together in my head. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so tired. But it was a good tired. Over the 10 days I was with the Street Invaders team, I was involved to one degree or another in…

  • hanging out with some youth at the Tsawout First Nations Reserve near Sydney for an Island youth rally;
  • cleaning up the little Reserve church the next morning;
  • praying as a team for the city of Victoria from on top of Mt. Tolmie one day and Mt. Douglas another;
  • prayer walking and support while the girls on the team gave carnations to prostitutes on the street and offered prayer;
  • helping out at the Mustard Seed street church and food bank, providing meals for needy and homeless folks;
  • offering “Free Prayer” to tourists and other pedestrians in the downtown inner harbour.

It was a satisfying and enriching week and a half, spent with 9 remarkable young people from age 14-25. I was honoured to be able to join with them in their ministry.

Preaching all three services on Sunday on Acts 20, “Love in the Balance” taught me a couple things: preaching multiple services is incredibly exhausting; I seem to be more effective preaching for some congregations than for others. In one service, I could almost palpably feel the annointing of the Spirit as I preached. In another service I felt no annointing at all and finished that extremely discouraged. I’m not sure what makes the difference, but it reminds me that the proclamation of the Word of God absolutely depends on the sovereign will of the Holy Spirit for effectiveness. He cannot be commanded nor does He perform on command.