More Than the Cross

The Gospel; mission; arrogant calvinists; sermon planning; expiation; shame; eternal rewards. What do all these have in common? This video clip.

There are many tensions within Christian theology. Grace and works; confidence and humility; Spirit-led┬ásermon planning; forgiveness and conviction; salvation by grace unto good works and their rewards; sanctification and sports…

One essential tension within Reformed theology for 400 years has been that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are all vitally important for the Gospel. Sometimes this tension is discussed under the descriptions of the “active” and “passive obedience of Christ.” I know for myself, I have a tendency to focus on how to communicate the Good News to people who don’t yet trust in Jesus, and so I focus more on the “passive obedience” of Jesus in His death on the cross (which makes forgiveness possible) than I do on His “active obedience”–i.e., His lifelong, obedient righteousness (which makes justification possible).

This Resurgence video from May of this year, featuring a panel discussion between Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Graham’s grandson), Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll and Dr. R. C. Sproul, kicks off with this very important aspect of the true Good News of Jesus Christ. Enjoy!