Is Church Membership Biblical?

It’s one of the more surprising questions people ask me from time to time, upon learning that I am a church planter & pastor, and especially upon hearing that I put a high value on local church membership: “Is church membership really necessary? Is it even biblical?” The answer is “yes” and “yes.” But it’s not an easy point to communicate because of the high emotion that often surrounds the issue for people.

I saw this related blog entry this evening at the 9 Marks Blog and wanted to share it here. And since they said to go right ahead, here you go!

Membership, Discipline, and Love
By Marcus Glover
| 10.24.2011

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Earlier this year, Jonathan Leeman preached two sermons at Guilford Baptist Church (Sterling, Virginia) in which he set forth a biblical vision for membership and discipline in the local church. Both of these sermons are now available for download here at If you are wondering why membership and discipline are key components of a healthy church, we encourage you to listen to these sermons.

Church Membership and Love  [DOWNLOAD]

Church Discipline and Love      [DOWNLOAD]

Check out these sermons and pass them along to others who my benefit from them. We hope and pray that these resources will be useful for you as you seek to cultivate meaningful membership in your church.

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