“Keruxai” = “to preach”

A word about this blog’s categories

What does “keruxai” mean anyway? “Keruxai” is the Greek word meaning literally, “to preach” (an infinitive). The original and main focus of most of my earlier posts on Keruxai.com were to help pastors to do just that–“to preach” and preach well. Over time, as I began posting on other topics, additional categories were added to contain the posts and make it easier for visitors to navigate the content of the blog. Site categories now include “to preach” (described above), “to pore” (meaning, “to study”; related to the study of the text of the Bible), “to ponder” (meaning “to think”; related to theological issues and questions), “to persevere” (meaning “to endure”; related to the need for faithful endurance in the Christian life and in pastoral ministry), and “to pastor” (meaning, “to shepherd”; related to practical matters of leading, serving and caring for a congregation).