Happy Independence Day Israel!

I am a Christian, and a non-Jew (Gentile). I know some Christians whose dispensational theology leads them to a blindly romantic zeal about the State of Israel today. And I know some Christians whose reaction against that sort of dispensational, superficial reading of the Bible leads them to at best, apathy, or at worst, anti-Semitism in their attitudes toward the State of Israel. But it is nonetheless worth running the risk of offending anti-Semites to congratulate Israel on its birthday. 66 years ago, after 19 centuries of homelessness and persecution all over the globe, the Jewish people declared independence over a tiny sliver of land in the Middle East. This new country became a homeland and refuge after the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust and nearly successful genocide. Israel has fought bravely and well for the survival of the Jewish people in the 20th century. Happy Independence Day Israel!