BibleWorks 7

If you’re serious about being able to work with the best Hebrew and Greek texts, all the major English translations, a wide variety of other language editions and resources, including the Westminster Standards, a whole range of lexicons, diagramming tools and other textual helps, then BibleWorks is for you! I’ve never been a fan of the OTHER software that was promoted at Seminary: the Logos system. It seems with them that the module you want always costs a little bit more. But I’ve been thrilled with BibleWorks from the first day I started using it. And when a new version comes out, existing customers can upgrade for a very reduced price! Check out their website at

Preaching the Word Commentary Series

Every volume of this series is a wonderful help when preaching through that particular book of the Bible. The authors are solidly Evangelical in their committment to the Gospel of Christ and the expository preaching of the Word. Watch for more titles in this series to be released as time goes on. If you see one missing from this list, please send me the ISBN and I’ll make sure it gets added.