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Henry Grattan Guinness, D.D., F.R.A.S.

Who was Henry Grattan Guinness?

Wikipedia: Henry Grattan Guinness

A Guinness Legend (Flash movie)

H. Grattan Guinness: "Flame of Fire"

What books did he write?

The Approaching End of the Age

Light for the Last Days

The Divine Program of World History

Romanism and the Reformation

The Key to the Apocalypse

Creation Centred in Christ

City of Seven Hills

History Unveiling Prophecy

The Works of H. Grattan Guinness

What was his scientific discovery?

H. Grattan Guinness: Preacher, Teacher and Astronomer (essay)

4 consecutive chapters from The Approaching End of the Age:

Soli-Lunar Cycles, and their Relation to the Chronology of History.

Difficulty of Harmonizing Solar and Lunar Measures.

Cyclical Character of the Prophetic Periods of Daniel and the Apocalypse. Discoveries of M. De Cheseaux.

The Prophetic Times and Their Epacts.

Soli-Lunar Cycles in Greek Research and Jewish Revelation, a M.A. thesis for the University of British Columbia by Dr. Walter Ridgway (1946). Needs Adobe Acrobat.

Does anyone else still remember him?

Guinness is Good for You: Memories of the Legacy of H. Grattan Guinness

The Christian Missionary Alliance, Nyack College, and Prairie Bible Institute: Sharing in the Legacy of Henry Grattan Guinness - An excerpt from Maxwell's Passion & Power, by W. Harold Fuller, 2002.

Books in print by Guinnesses.

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