The Church Triumphant

“This holy army of saints, is marshalled here in earth by the officers, under the conduct of their glorious emperor Christ, that victorious Michael. Thus it marcheth in this most heavenly order, and gracious array, against all enemies both bodily and ghostly. Peaceable in itself as Jerusalem, terrible unto them as an army with banners, triumphing over their tyrrany with patience, their cruelty with meekness, and over death itself with dying. Thus through the blood of that spotless Lamb, and that word of their testimony, they are more than conquerors, bruising the head of the serpent; yea through the power of the Word, they have power to cast down Satan like lightning: to tread upon serpents and scorpions: to cast down strongholds, and every thing that exalteth itself against God. The gates of Hell and all the principalities and powers of the world, shall not prevail against it.”

(Henry Barrow, “A True Description of the Visible Church”, 1589)