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  1. Bom dia! Morning Joe Haynes

    I am most grateful for the study you sent me about the intermediate state of the dead. This study is of great value.

    Would you like to bother you but this once.

    Since we do not believe in the intermediate state between death and resurrection, I wonder how we should interpret the parable of the rich man and Lazarus?

    What about the souls crying under the altar described in Revelation chapter 6?

    Already thank you, and thank you,

    in Christ Jesus


    1. Thanks for your question, Angela. I think you must be referring to Revelation 6:9? No, I do not believe this is picturing the “saints that died before Christ came”, as you say. I believe this is a picture in John’s vision expressing the fact the a multitude of Christians had died for the sake of Christ and the Gospel (c.f. Mark 10:29) whose deaths demanded justice from God in the form of judgement upon the Roman Empire. The point in history symbolized by the 6th seal (3 verses later in Rev 6:12) depicts the massive political revolution in the late Roman Empire brought about by the edict of Constantine vindicating Christianity and overturning centuries of State-sponsored, anti-Christian prejudice and persecution. So the symbolic “souls” under the altar are those Christians who were martyred by Roman authorities up until the 4th Century AD. For a more thorough explanation, see “The Final Prophecy of Jesus” by Dr. Oral Collins available on

  2. Today, by accident, I came across your post labeled “The Problem with Ed Piorek’s Message”.

    It shocked me to see this on the internet.

    Honestly, My entire family and extended family have known Ed Piorek and his entire family for many decades.

    We know many pastors in numerous denominations intimately.

    Without a shadow of doubt Ed is a man of integrity outside of ministry and inside of ministry.

    When a person is speaking at a conference or guest speaking at a church – that person is releasing a certain “Spiritual Vitamin” into those listening. That particular vitamin is what God has placed on that person’s heart to not only reveal to you… but to release to you.

    If you don’t like the vitamin given to you…. or you don’t like how the person gave you the vitamin… doesn’t mean it’s not a vitamin… and surely doesn’t mean it’s not a vitamin others needed that day.

    I’m sure when you speak it is the same… some people like what you say and some do not.

    However, speaking badly against someone.. whether it be gossip in person with other people or the internet… is wrong.

    If you had a problem with Ed, I’m sure you could of contacted him in many different ways and talked to him yourself. That would of been the proper way to find the Lord’s will in this situation and also to see His Love triumph over any gossip that would ensue…

    There are plenty of scriptures that would direct you to see the way the Lord handles these types of situations… I’m sure you know them well.

    Praying you find the Lord’s heart in this matter…

    1. Thanks Moniqua for your comment (regarding the blog post here). I’m really glad to hear that Ed is a wonderful guy. I don’t doubt it for a minute. It’s not his personal integrity that I took issue with: it’s his ministry. Where you speak of vitamins and suggest that if some people like what Ed delivers that’s enough, the Holy Spirit, through Paul’s pen in 2 Timothy 4, said,

      “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry” (2 Tim. 4:3-5 ESV).

      Christians are not instructed to evaluate a public ministry based on whether people “like the vitamins” or not. Christians are called to evaluate public ministries based on whether or not God’s Word was faithfully and accurately taught.

      If I had seen Ed in some private sin, I would have been obligated to confront him in private as Matthew 18 commends. However, Ed’s neglect of the Gospel and the way in which he neglected to point people to the only all-sufficient Saviour, was a public matter. I really hope that Ed has since changed his ways and now consistently preaches the Gospel and consistently points people to faith in Jesus, instead of to seeking experiences that can be too easily counterfeits for the real thing. If you send me some links to Ed really delivering the Gospel, I’ll check them out and share them as an update to this post.

      Thanks for your prayers Moniqua. I can surely use lots of prayers! It’s a scary thing to have one’s ministry scrutinized! And it is all too tempting to give people teaching that will make them like me instead of to simply preach God’s Word.

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