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James Bay seen from Esquimalt

  I serve as a pastor at Beacon Communities (, a church plant in Victoria BC since 2013. You can keep up with all our sermons at Beacon Communities… on this page, or by using the SoundCloud app for your Android or iOS device. Be sure to use the app to find and follow our […]

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“Keruxai” = “to preach”

Cattle Point, Victoria

A word about this blog’s categories What does “keruxai” mean anyway? “Keruxai” is the Greek word meaning literally, “to preach” (an infinitive). The original and main focus of most of my earlier posts on were to help pastors to do just that–“to preach” and preach well. Over time, as I began posting on other […]

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Preaching Under a Burden

There are times when a preacher is called up on to preach the truth of the Gospel while also desperately needing to hear that Good News himself. Brian Croft guest-posted the blog article (below) on the 9 Marks Blog today, sharing about a particularly difficult funeral he recently had to do. In the article, he […]

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Preaching and Prayer

Mike McKinley just posted this fine quote (below) regarding the importance of prayer in faithful preaching. Obviously the pastor who prays is not a wimp! To preach the word, therefore, and not to follow it with constant and fervent prayer for its success, is to disbelieve its use, neglect its end, and to cast away […]

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Preach Like Calvin

In April of 2010 I was scheduled to attend the ReFocus Canada conference at Willingdon Church in Burnaby, BC, but then, when my relationship with the church board (at that time) began to deteriorate, I had to cancel. Afterward, a friend shared with me one of the more memorable events at the conference. I’m not […]

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Technorati Tags: sin, sermon, Mark Dever, Psalm 51 I was really enriched by this sermon by Mark Dever on Psalm 51 on the theme, “What do you do with your sin?” If you are weighed down by guilt of your sin, don’t avoid it. Listen to this sermon and let God restore you. mp3 recording […]

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